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September 22, 2023


Camping Il Sergente

It all began in the 1950s When Narciso Agostini, the Sergeant, decided to sell his property near the Rosa Valley to buy a building and land in Monte di Fo’, to get closer to his mother who was a farmer on the neighboring farm owned by the Panna company.

Here he began his restaurant and bar business with one of the first ballroom dancing dances in Mugello attached. In the following years, Monte di Fo’ became increasingly identified with the figure of Narcissus and especially with his nickname ” The Sergeant.” Carried with him from the time of the 1935 African War from which he was discharged with the rank of sergeant.

Old Campground Entrance


With the help of the 4 children the activities increased, the Restaurant Hotel and Balera was joined by Trucking, Earthmoving, Farm and Camping. The latter activity remained marginal until the 1980s, years in which it was decided, after Sergeant’s death in 1974, to split the various enterprises and run them separately from each other, while still keeping the name in memory of his late father.

Here the personality of Silvano Farnetani, a young boy from the Senese area who working nearby often stopped to eat at the restaurant, where he met Maddalena, daughter of Sgt.

Thus began the second generation, where the latter, who had been in charge of the restaurant business, found himself with Silvano setting up and then running the Campground. It is therefore thanks to the boy’s willpower, stubbornness and perseverance and her shrewd financial management that today’s “ Camping the Sergeant “.

Old Bathrooms Facility

Interesting Anecdote: The first renovation of the bathrooms that saw for lack of economic resources the use of salvaged materials for the wall coverings executed with tiles from sample books given to Silvano by a representative after the fairs, walls later described by a foreign camper as a ‘nice artistic touch.’

New Bathrooms Facility

In the 1990s:

The third generation composed of Daniele, Silvano and Maddalena’s son and Maddalena and Gloria, his wife, begins to peep in.

In this decade and the next, sports facilities will be built: soccer, tennis, and bocce, the entrance with direct access to the state highway will be moved, a swimming pool will be built, new toilets will be installed, and the restaurant, bar, pizzeria, and small grocery store will be opened.

All these investments led to ECOLABEL and ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2006.

In the last decade, the third generation is continuing the management of the facility by planning its future development and waiting for the 4th generation to start peeping in.

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